Enjoying Beerfest Asia 2017!

One of the most expected event in Southeast Asia, Beerfest Asia returns for the ninth edition, Beerfest Asia 2017. PouchNation as the leading event technology solutions success to bring the best out of it for the worldwide fans.

Held in the iconic venue, Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore it served the unforgettable party atmosphere. Given the tagline ‘Eat, Drink, Play, Repeat’, the party goers indeed drowned in the cycle. Rise up the standard from the previous ones, the Beerfest Asia 2017 brought more than 500 different kind of beers and ciders around the world at the venue.


As the most  anticipated event southeast asia, for four days started August 17th to August 20th thousands of people gather at the venue to celebrate. As title focused on the beer, but the event served more. PouchNation served the whole packaged that come with beer.

Eat! The firs word on the tagline guide the people to follow the first rule of drinking. Pad that stomach! The food variations on the venue varies from the light bite to the greasy carb loaded foods that would bring up the energy to drink up all the alcohol served.

Drink! As mentioned before, you could not even ask for more when there were more than 500 beers and ciders selection. For the VIP access, they got the unlimited free flow alcohol.

Play! The entertainment is a part of drink. The guests could enjoy the rivalry atmosphere and mingling with the fellas party goers on the play zone. Different kind of games served to boost up the mood!

Repeat! To be able to cater the needs of the crowd with no incident, the eat-drink-play-repeat seems like went out well.

While the food was good, the variety kind of alcohol, added up with perfect atmosphere, well then Beerfest Asia 2017 wrap up with giving the fans a beery good time!

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